Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Blues?

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I haven't yet mentioned on this blog that summers tend to be pretty hard for me. It's kind of like a reverse form of Seasonal Affective Disorder; winters, with routines and school days and early bedtimes and low expectations, are the easier time of year in our house. Summers, though? Summers mean long, long days to fill with everyone's highest hopes and most exciting plans....and those great expectations just can't all be met, realistically speaking.

Max adds additional weight here and there, random and constantly shifting, on the Scales of Family Contentment; it's incredibly tricky to find an even balance. I try to predict and adjust things as needed, but it requires constantly monitoring, tweaking, and correcting. In several of the past summers, I got tired and just decided to lie down on one of those little balance platforms for awhile. (Needless to say, it tipped.)

But this year I'm starting out feeling optimistic. I'm in a good place and, as a whole, we're maintaining a pretty fair family balance lately. I'm motivated and ready.

Here's the funny thing, though -- I have been so proud of myself for my improved attitude this year, and so pleased that Max has mellowed and matured since last summer...and then it occurred to me today that there is one more BIG thing working in my favor this year -- Synthroid!

Last year at this exact time, I learned my thyroid levels were off, the main symptoms of which were extreme fatigue, inability to concentrate, and depression. I've been taking daily thyroid supplements for a year now, and while the dosage had to be adjusted several times throughout the year, my blood work has come up steady and normal for the past 3 months.

It's not just Max! Or the time of year! Or my attitude! DUH! Things really are different this year.

Bring it on.

(Of course it wouldn't hurt for you to keep your fingers crossed for me, anyway. Ya know, just in case...)

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