Sunday, June 22, 2008

Signing Time Video Magic

Today's post shows another one of Max's favorite things -- watching his Signing Time video. He loves electronics of any kind, and spends a good deal of time "watching" his shows. Watching shows for Max is not the passive couch potato activity you might think, though; it involves lots of stopping and starting, pausing and rewinding, experimenting with volume and setting controls, etc... (I'm telling you, he can "fix" the satellite/dvd/cable settings on our tv more accurately than I can!) plus a good deal of running in and out of the room and back and forth to the tv.

He usually gets really enamored with one show at a time. Past obsessions have included The Grinch, WonderPets!, Stuart Little, and, most recently, the Lion King. There are short passages in each that I can probably recite verbatim, and bits of soundtrack that echo ceaselessly through my mind in the middle of the night.

The past few weeks he has rediscovered his Signing Time video. He's watched this many times over the past several years, but suddenly it is just CLICKING with him. He watched it quite literally all day long recently (Hey, it was raining! I was tired! Don't judge!) and towards the end of the day he persuaded his sister to watch along with him.

I walked past the room and noticed he was not only signing right along with the videos, but also SINGING! Seriously singing (the word "Leah"), with actual tongue movement and the right vowel sound and on the beat! This is big stuff, people!

I grabbed my camera to capture the moment. The picture quality isn't great, and I apologize for the bumpiness, but I love this footage!

I know EXACTLY what to get Max for his birthday this summer...

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