Friday, June 6, 2008

Microcephalic Minneolas

This post features one of the first images that falls in a category I'm going to call "Microcephaly in the Media". (For now, anyway. I'm not sure how accurate that title will end up being, but every other title I thought of is likely to trigger misguided google queries. Which is a funny concern, considering the name of this blog! But I worry those other misguided searches might not be quite as innocent in nature... )

I'm not talking about factual news reports or medical specials here, though...I'm talking about the random bits of flotsam and jetsam that happen to catch my eye, tuned as it is to the visual appearance of microcephaly.

Check out the label from a bag of minneola tangelos I bought! I think this adorable little fella's head circumference might just fall a few standard deviations below the mean...

I will periodically add additional images to this category as they catch my eye.

If you find an image that you think fits here, let me know. (Ditto that for a better category name -- I do love a good, friendly pun!)

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