Friday, May 22, 2009

School's Out!

(Ooo, icy treats!)

Today was the last day of school. Max's bus driver had a big hug for him when she dropped him off today, along with popsicles for all the kids.

Max's teacher sent home some parting gifts as well, including these wacky glasses. (Remember last year's pair?)


I'm ready to be done with the early morning rush and think Max is getting pretty tired in general -- he could use a few extra minutes of sleep each morning. But I think we're both gonna miss the structure those days provide for him.

And the meals! Oh, those lovely school lunches...I will miss them greatly. (If you have a kid who is a messy and distractable eater, and then throw in a few sensory issues on top of that, you know exactly what I mean.)

The end of school always brings with it a sense of satisfaction for me. We completed another year in the journey. Max successfully navigated the 1st grade classroom system, another set of skills has been gained, and progress continues.
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