Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Grade Music Program

You are looking at a picture of the first grade music program at my son's school. The songs were all about gardening, and the principal came out in between songs to weave it all into a storyline with a bit of dialogue. Each class was dressed for their part as either farmers, weeds, birds, or flowers, and the stage was decorated with flowers each child had made. It was quite a production!

Max's home room is a K-2 Functional Skills classroom, but he joins one of the regular 1st grade classes for "Specials" (Art, Gym, Library, and Music) once a week. So for this night, Max was not a Special Ed kid; he was simply a Special Music kid. He was just another 1st grader.

It's hard to put into words just how beautiful it was to see him up there with all of the others, fully participating in this special event.

I suppose I should clarify that statement. He didn't fully participate in the literal sense. He actually did more of the choreography at home (and in the rehearsals, I'm told) than he did on stage that night. He mostly just stood quietly during the program.

Nevertheless, I still consider his performance a big success! Because in a stage full of 1st graders, there are many who are restless & wiggling, distracted by the crowd (or their neighbor), letting their hands & eyes wander, "singing" with unmoving mouths -- and I'm telling you, he fit right in!

No. Actually, he did better than fit right in: he stood there the entire time, calm and mature 100% appropriate. And while I would have loved to see him really swing those arms and dance a wee bit more, we were just as proud as could be.

Here's the one to watch.

This video shows a clip of Max's class (the farmers) doing their Hoe Down song & dance. I giggled -- and discreetly wiped tears -- throughout. It was fabulous.

Max was proud, too -- he clapped & clapped after each song, and when the program ended, he was full of grins and hugs and posing for pictures.

Max & his dancing partner.

Max & his biggest fans -- his classroom aide and teacher.

Max & a friend posed for pictures...and then admired their handsome selves on the preview screen.

Way to go, Max! You did it! (High fives all around!)

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Kathleen said...

I love the video! It was made all the better by the parental giggling in the background. Way to go, Max, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Max! He did a great, very age and gender appropriate job. And Julie -- he's so tall! Wow.

Penny L. Richards said...

Heh, yeah, we always say Jake sang just as much as all the other eight- and nine-year-old boys when he was in the choir--that is, not much, and not necessarily when or how the director wanted. But he was up there! And Max was up there too, and he looks radiant about the whole event. Good stuff!