Saturday, July 19, 2008

Microcephaly in the Media: Fancy Chickens

This is my very first reader-provided image for my "Microcephaly in the Media" collection! Thanks so much, mom faithful reader!

She spotted this fancy chicken sculpture while browsing through a home decor store somewhere in Kansas on a recent vacation. I don't usually think of "chicken" and "fancy" in the same sentence, but I'm rather fond of this old gal.

And now I have an odd question in my small does a REAL chicken's head have to be before it would be considered microcephalic? They sure do have strange proportions...

(Photo borrowed from here.)

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Anonymous said...

LOL -- I'm thinking that's at least -15 SD HC there. Future micro nuggets and McD.


Jujyfruit said...

Can you imagine how hard it must be for THEM to find hats?? heh, heh.