Friday, July 4, 2008

Greetings From Camp Turdalot

The big kids have been gone all week, away at summer camp. Things sure are different with only one kid! Everything is so much quieter, more flexible. We eat when we feel like it, play whiffleball intermittently throughout the day, take movie breaks as needed. Max and I even slept in a few times!

So things have been pretty mellow and slow-paced and easy, kind of like we're on our own little vacation. UNTIL YESTERDAY.

I don't know why, but Max was just contrary and instigating trouble from the get-go. I emailed my mom last night and updated her on this and that...then summarized by simply typing "Max was a turd today."

Now, I started this blog to record important events and stages in Max's life, and also to speak honestly about life as his mom. I actually find myself counting posts to see if I'm getting too many positive or negative ones in a row -- BOTH are accurate and need to be here. There are periods, however, when one dominates. Yesterday was dominated by negative.

While I hate to say something awful about one of my kids where it will be recorded for all posterity, I also know that sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade. And when I look back on this post some day, I'll be able to say, "Ah, yes. I remember..."

Let the record show that on Thursday, July 3, 2008, Max was a turd.

The end.

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