Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our Morning Coffee

Our morning routine is pretty simple during the school year. Once Max is all ready for school, we make a pot of coffee together. He enjoys the process and relishes routine, so it's a daily event.

Hand-over-hand, we pour in the water and replace the pot. Lately, he's even been trying to wipe up the spills & puddles we make! He watches patiently while I add the filter and grounds, then it's time for him to take over.

He pushes the start button, and carefully slides the machine back into the corner. (note to self -- clean that thing! Fingerprints galore!) While nothing fancy, it's a great way to start our day.

We share a few quiet moments while we wait for the bus and listen to the coffee perking.

He may not be the best sleeper, but he still wakes up slowly, just like the rest of us. Often, he doesn't want me to do much talking in the morning. If I say too many words, or use too loud of a voice, he is often quick to tell me, "Shhhhh!" which isn't too hard to comply with (after all, I'm still awaiting my first cup of coffee).

By the time my coffee is ready and poured, he's beginning to wake up, and often pleads for a sip. (yep, he loves it -- creamy, hot, black, cold, anywhichway!)

Even groggy (and, for the record, with no coffee in his system), by this time he's ready to pose for a picture with full-on jazz hands. What a ham.

Ahhh, simple pleasures...

(By the way, the droopy eyes are due to the camera's flash -- he's not THAT sleepy! The bus just came before I could re-take the photo.)

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