Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Game Time!

So here's a little game I like to play called "What Did You Have For Lunch Today?" Today's an especially good day to play, because just take a look at Max's sweatshirt!!

Let's see....tomato sauce. Cheesey something? Some grease... I'm gonna guess lasagna! But to make it more fun, I try to get Max to tell me what it was first. So I start to guess random school lunch items.

Me: Did you have....MILK?

Max: (nodding and grinning)

Me: Did you have....HOT DOGS?

Max: (nodding and getting excited)

Me: Did you have.....PANCAKES?

Max: (nodding more, still grinning, getting a twinkle in his eye...)

Me: Did you have....LASAGNA?

Max: (loving it, grinning huge, still nodding)

Once we get tired of the guessing part, I check the school lunch menu and then talk about what he actually ate. I ask him about each of those items individually, and he agrees and nods. We talk about those foods and high five. (then I get out the Spray-n-Wash)

So let's check, shall we? What was the actual menu for today?

Lasagna was a pretty close guess! I'm getting good at this...

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