Saturday, December 5, 2009


The string incident should have been my first clue. Yes, Max is sensitive to strings, but such a STRONG reaction should have made me realize he was feeling slightly "off" in general.

Clearly, the runny nose was a second clue. But it wasn't that bad. (As I said, it was clear. heh.)

So there were signs. But none of them was a flashing red arrow.

But then I happened upon this scene:

THAT, my friends, is a Flashing Red Arrow. (As well as one of the saddest little scenes I've come across in a while.)

Max loves his videos with a passion. It's a loud, messy, hands-on, interactive, busy type of passion. For him, watching videos is practically a sport. We are constantly reminding him to pick ONE movie, to turn down the volume, to back up, to sit down, to LEAVE THE BATTERIES IN THE REMOTE, and COME DOWN FROM THERE!

But today he was in a dark room. All by himself. With a barely audible soundtrack from one silently spinning DVD. He was perched on a hard ledge at the far opposite end of the room, quietly rubbing his shirt seams. He hasn't made a single peep, yet the message is loud and clear.

Max is sick.
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