Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meanwhile, Upstairs at the Ranch...

It's time for another episode of The Story Behind the Story. This one is called What Max Did While We Were Painting in the Basement.

Getting projects done around here often involve a few extra steps. Outside yard work goes pretty well with Max around, but inside jobs -- especially messy ones like painting -- just aren't always compatible.

We scheduled a full day of activities for him with his grandparents (both sets) during the really long marathon day of painting. But during the shorter afternoon of touch-ups and finishing, my husband and I both painted in the basement while Max was upstairs with his older brother. We set him up with a video and left his brother in charge with two basic rules: Keep him upstairs & Keep him safe.

Max actually stayed upstairs the whole time. I was pretty impressed and asked what he did to stay busy....and then looked around and realized the evidence sort of spoke for itself.

Here's a little peek. Can you figure out what Max did while we were painting?

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Jujyfruit said...

I should mention that we promptly relocated the scissors; they have now joined the screwdrivers in their Top Secret Storage Location.

Also, for the record, please note that while my son's head is quite small, it is not actually PARTED IN TWO as the last picture's bizarre action blur would seem to suggest. How odd!

Penny L. Richards said...

Are you using the cutup Viewmaster reels for anything crafty? If not, I'll take them, I love those little translucent picture squares. (I had a TALKING viewmaster as a kid, WITH a three-reel animated Star Trek episode, and thought it was the coolest thing EVER. Ah the pre-VCR 1970s...;) )

May said...

Scissors fun all around :o)
At this stage, I'm often so happy when my son plays quietly in his own room that I really don't care about the mess he is making! Anything that will help him concentrate on anything, ANYTHING, I'm not going to interrupt.

The last photo is funny :o)