Saturday, February 28, 2009

"I Love You" Hand Sculpture

Long ago, Max's older sister started a little routine with him before bed. She would tell him good night, then say "I Love You!" and make the ASL sign with her hand. Then she would shape Max's fingers into the same sign and they would exchange their kisses or hugs or grins for the night.

Over time, Max started doing it back. He can't quite make the official ASL sign, but he sticks his thumb and pinky out and makes the official Max sign. And while he's doing that with his hand, he also says, "Eeee Oooo," which is not the official English phrase, but is definitely the official Max phrase.

The nightly routine has actually morphed one step further -- Max's sister often says "Eeee Oooo" now, too! (In fact, we all do occasionally.) In return, Max often initiates the routine and offers up his hand sign all on his own. This sibling love? It's a beautiful thing to see.

I enjoy having such a concrete visual in the house. The hand itself is beautifully rendered, but I also appreciate the symbolism behind it. It makes a statement: Our house is different.

But then again, everyone's house is different, right? Perhaps there is a hand out there for you, too!

These hands are hard to find online, but you can check here for several versions.....or go check your local TJMaxx, which is where I found mine for $14.99.

(Vitruvian Collection by TMS Inc.)

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May said...

What a beautiful routine. I'm sure the hand sculpture will be a nice reminder for when the kids have grown older!

Anonymous said...

I saw this today at a store and it was from TJMAXX although, there are no more available in Joplin, MO.. My mother had ALS and she would say that all the time even up til when she passed away!! I NEED THIS ITEM for my sisters for XMAS! Please help.. Email Me

Thanks Jenny

Jane said...

I have this same hand only, instead of being white, it's a dark metallic color. I love it. My son is deaf and when I saw it at our local TJMaxx, I HAD to have it! I'm upset now though because I can't find any more anywhere! It would make a great gift for our relatives who have been so extremely supportive. I just had to comment because it is so nice to see that someone else has this and knows what I'm talking about!