Sunday, December 7, 2008

Me..(2,3,4)..and (tap)..My (tap)...Shaaaaaa-DOW! (clickety-click-y-CLACK!)

Could you tell I was singing that title line? While doing a snappy little tap-dancing number? (Well, ok, I did nothing at all resembling anything even remotely close to a dance. But I did sing!!)

You know how I mentioned that general meh-ness I've been experiencing lately, and how it's creating a block to my blog-posting?

Well, there is one other little thing that is creating a bit of an impediment these days. I really don't want to throw anybody under the bus, or anything, but...well, it's been a little hard to dodge my shadow lately.

Max has always been an extremely social little guy, vastly preferring to be with people than to be alone, but his need for closeness has been especially pronounced lately.

I thought pictures could tell the story more succinctly than words.

So, let me present for your viewing pleasure, Me and My Shadow, a photo essay depicting last night's events. (With a few assorted words thrown in.)

We made supper.

Max watched me wash & peel the carrots.
(Yes, I see the knife. But I know his hands are firmly attached to his headphones, because he's listening to his most favoritist song in the world -- "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent. I put it on his little mp3 player, 10 times in a row, literally, and he plays it on repeat, literally. Because the rest of us are kind of done listening to it by now. So anyway, I wouldn't normally leave the knife that close, but for the 3 seconds it took to snap this photo, I deemed the situation safe.)
Once the carrots were peeled, it was time to dice them.
(He was still listening to his music, but it was definitely time for him to back up a tad. Big knife = healthy respect. Period.)
I told him he needed to back up!(and he did. See?)

I added the carrots to the pot of soup.
(This stovetop has the largest burner towards the FRONT, which is just not good. He wants to watch it boil. It know it doesn't ACTUALLY take any longer that way, but it sure FEELS like it will never boil; cooking seems to take forever when I am trying to monitor HIS pot monitoring. I think whoever wrote that old adage probably had a child like Max.)

After supper we walked (shadow style) to the computer desk.

I got comfortably seated
(and he sidled up close in case something exciting should occur....)

( a picture. Or a video. Or a pop-up ad. Or anything that resembles a picture, a video, or a pop-up ad.) When one of those caught his eye, he wanted to sit on my lap, closer to the action.
Which made my view something like this:

(So it turned out to be a short session. No blogging occurred. I decided to go to bed instead.)We headed down the hall to the bathroom.

(I am not going to include photos of my bathroom ablutions, except for one.)
I took a shower.

Then it was time to go to bed...

...and sleep.

So please understand if my posting continues to be light. Even if I manage to dodge my shadow, I have to get past that wall of meh.

(LIGHT BULB!!) Wouldn't that be the perfect video game?? You have to maneuver the mom through a Maze of Meh, while dodging shadows, avoiding illness, and collecting points for all the errands and chores you pass through. Bonuses for baking cookies and kissing boo-boos. Isn't that brilliant?!

Call me, Wii!! I smell a big one!

Oh. Actually, that smell might be emanating from...a slightly different source, one a little more to my immediate left. (Ahem.)


Anonymous said...

DUDE!!!!!! I see what you mean! NO PRIVACY?!?!? HA!

That last shot is a familiar one to me.... love it so much. You have the sweetest little shadow... though I imagine that can get a bit old after awhile!!!!!!!!


xo Gwen

Anonymous said...

You have your shadow, I have my velcro-child.