Monday, December 1, 2008

At Least He Went Down Smiling

Max and his brother have been playing some rough-and-tumble games together lately. It's kind of hard to watch, because for so many years it just didn't work, and I still find myself generally doubtful. Max was always too fragile or totally unprepared or clearly over-powered...but the tides are slowly turning, and now when those two get wild our reprimands are sometimes aimed at Max for being too rough & wild with his older brother!

Though the ball-tossing, chasing, screaming, tackling, hootin' & hollerin' rowdiness doesn't look like fun to me, the boys seem to generally enjoy it. Max had a particularly abrupt fall (aka TACKLE?) recently and I ran towards the crying with both barrels loaded, firing off zingers and accusations and warnings and loud, angry I-Told-You-Sos...

...but when his tears ended, it was readily apparent that the boy had indeed gone down smiling. The rug-burn around his eye indicates a ginormous squinty grin was present right up to the bitter end, even as he was skidding face-first across the floor; the scab forms a perfect outline of his smiling eyes. Yowza.
But EVEN SO, guys, can't I interest you in a nice, quiet round of Dolls & Diapers? Or Fake Napping? Counting Your Moles? Practicing ASL?!?

Cause it's only 5:15 but it's already dark outside and it's only the first day of December but there's already snow on the ground and you're only having fun but MOMMY'S HEAD ALREADY HURTS!!


What do I file this under? Frustrations? Or Favorite Things? ...perhaps Milestones, in a bizarre sort of way? hmm.

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