Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Can't Believe He Ate the Whoooole Thing.

Max wanted an apple for his after-school snack today.

He's requested apples many times before, but he doesn't usually eat them. (I think it's because of his wonky front tooth. Eating them hurts.) It was also a novel request because 9 times out of 10 he asks for crackers or popcorn the moment he steps off the bus. But today it was if a whole new snack idea had occurred to him. He entered the kitchen and only had eyes for the apples. I got out a knife to cut one into slices, which is what I usually do to make a giant apple more approachable, but he did NOT want me to cut it. He simply took it, sat down at the table, and started eating.

He sat. And he sat.

He ate. And he ate.

If investigators on CSI: Kitchen were trying to determine who was eating this apple, those bite marks would leave no doubt!

He didn't look around. He didn't squirm. He didn't run off. He just sat and ate, with a singular focus.
(Note to self: consider new bowls.)
And he ate.

And he ate.

I tried to convince him he was done with it, that he had eaten all the good fruity parts, but he ignored me.

Finally, he said "Done!"

This is what was left.

*6/3/10 Edited to add: Two months later, and he's turned down every apple offer since. It's a mystery.

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Nan said...

LOVE this! Not sure why this didn't show up before today...I've peeked in many times. No apple story. Now here it is, two months later. Crazy stuff.

Man...he ate the heck out of that apple. Wonder if he'd seen someone with one at school that day?

But not since, eh?

lucky ladybug said...

kids are funny! my girls will do something similar- want something so bad and then never again.

Anonymous said...

Very in emailing you privately. I am have a child with the same issues

Anonymous said...

I should have proofread the above comment sorry. I have a child with the same issues and would love to chat with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello there have not been any new posts. I hope Max and everybody is doing well. Your blog helps so many. Thank you.