Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sleeping Update

Sleep Update, Month 4.

1. The new sleeping arrangement continues!

2. Even through a bit of sickness! (It was just a cold, but that is an incredibly encouraging sign. He did wake during the night and needed some help & comfort, but he went back to his own bed each time. That's huge.)

3. Not only is Max sleeping through the night in his own room, but he's also falling asleep by himself, in bed, ALONE! (That one fact might be an even bigger accomplishment than the location, frankly. There have been times when he slept in his own room, or slept through the night in our bed, but there has NEVER been a time when he fell asleep alone.)

4. And if that didn't impress you enough, here's one that will make you fall right off your computer chair -- Max wanted to read in bed and turn off his own light! (It was a passing phase, but must be noted because of the incredible Wow Factor.) He tried it for a few nights, and though we left his room with crazy grins (and a hefty portion of doubt), he actually did it. He looked at his books, then turned off his own lamp, and then went to sleep. That's some beautiful independence, there. (And imitation at its best!)


To truly appreciate how far we've come, I had to revisit some posts from the past. Follow the links to see both the illustrated version and the wordy version of our sleep struggle from ONE year ago, and this little story from TWO years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed. And very happy for you. And more than a little jealous.