Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

I baked giant heart-shaped cookies for Max's teachers and bus drivers while he worked on the Valentines for his classmates. He helped mix the food coloring into the icing and chose the sprinkles, but then moved on to his own project.

I bought supplies for him to make his own Valentines this year: red paper, a variety of heart-shaped stickers, and treat bags to fill with candy. He spent a long time applying stickers and signing his name over and over.

Even though the big kids said they were too old to exchange Valentines anymore, they ended up drawn to the table of supplies and had fun helping him out. All that love stuff may be embarrassing for kids of a certain age, but we ALL enjoy Max's whole-hearted embrace of it. This is a holiday right down Max's alley. He simply LOVES to love. (Plus? Candy! Gifts! A PARTY! It's pure fun.)

Ta-Da! The finished products are ready to deliver. (And Max is ready for bed.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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