Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back-to-School Shopping Excitement

We had a thick back-to-school shopping magazine from Target in our mailbox the other day. Max spent a long time looking through the pages, pointing to things he recognized, or liked, or wanted me to name for him.

He found fruit snacks, letters of the alphabet, an entire page of SpongeBob items (thrilling, that!)....and then he ended up on this page, absolutely delighted by what he had found:

Can you guess what it was that caught his eye? (I couldn't, though I exclaimed over several different items while I tried to figure it out. He kept me on track.)

Here's a closer shot of the same page, with Max pointing to the hidden treasure:

Pointing always helps. Thank you!

He found his name!
It was very small, slightly blurry, and had gone completely unnoticed by me. I was highly impressed.

I think this guy is ready for school! (Which, incidentally, starts back up TOMORROW! Yay!)

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