Monday, April 20, 2009

A Tiny Adventure: Chicks!

We stumbled across a great outing yesterday.

Slow & gentle hands....with firm support from daddy.

We were driving past a farm supply store and noticed the marquee announced "Chick Days!" I was completely hooked and insisted we return. I knew the kids -- Max, especially -- would like it.

There were several giant galvanized troughs filled with a variety of fluffy little chicks, and a sprinkling of ducklings thrown in as a bonus.

They were at the perfect level for viewing -- and touching!

The noise the chicks made was delightful -- loud, yet gentle. We all oohed & aahed and giggled as we watched them scurry around and then hunker down in sleepy heaps.

(One day she will understand why I comment on her nails. Heh.)

The kids enjoyed picking out their favorites and were thrilled to hold them.

Thrilled, I tell you!

Max could have stayed all afternoon, I think.

And now I must include a video clip here, because though the still photos are cute of the kids, they don't even begin to capture the cuteness that is a bin full of peeping chicks!

(See what I mean??)
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