Sunday, January 18, 2009

Game ON!

I just walked into the kitchen and found Max holding something in his hand. He jumped a bit when he saw me and then started quickly signing "thank you" and saying it ("Aah oo! Aah oo!") repeatedly to me.

Obviously, he was into something that he KNEW might be a problem...

Turns out he had an entire chocolate frosted donut in his hand. (And on his hand. And on his face. And in his mouth.)

I actually had to admire his quick-witted thinking to turn on the charm and thank me in advance, and told him he could have it IF HE SAT DOWN AT THE TABLE TO EAT IT. (Sitting at the table for an entire meal or snack remains a challenge for him.)

Well, darned if he didn't do exactly that.

He sat. On his stool. Straight and still. Quiet & focused. No banging, no kicking, no grabbing or spilling. No claiming he's done and running off.

My husband walked in and stared at him for a bit, then looked at me questioningly.

"I know," I said, "I know."

OK, Mister. You just raised the bar. A LOT!!

Game on! It's eatin' time.

(See how I slipped in an entire fruit plate along with some healthy tangerine slices?? Didn't work.)
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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well, chocolate donuts are particularly motivating. MAybe you could take to making deep fried brocoli fritters coated with chocolate frosting -- to get his veggies in?

Surely with all the chef-power in your household, you can come up with something nutritious and Max-appealing.